Wellness care starts with preventative maintenance versus damage control.

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Our Wellness Program

Dr. Farahani's multifaceted approach to wellness focuses on the body as a whole, detecting, correcting and maintaining optimum spinal and nervous system function; utilizing adjustments, through physiotherapy, nutritional supplements, and exercise programs -  This is the road to true wellness and a lifetime of good health.




At our clinic, we believe that many mental and emotional disorders may be due to structural and nutritional imbalances.


When those structural and nutritional imbalances are corrected, many patients are better able to manage the psychological and emotional stress ors in their lives.

Our bodies are designed to function optimally when each system of the body (muscle, organ, joint, etc.) is allowed to perform its job unhindered.


When muscles are dysfunctional due to injury or long-term overuse joint stress and pain will occur. Function will always be impaired when there is misalignment or stress in the body's structure.


These misalignments and muscle stress-ors can lead to accelerated degenerative changes.


Bio-chemical wellness is directly influenced by nutrition and diet. We can provide you with a comprehensive nutritional analysis and recommended supplements and herbal products which promote your owns body's health.


We stock and recommended only the highest quality supplements which are carefully selected from a variety of sources.


A continuing schedule of regular chiropractic checkups can help detect, correct, and maintain optimum spinal and nervous system function. We believe that good chiropractic care, when combined with healthy lifestyle, can help our patients achieve good health for life.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Check-out what our patients are saying about our services, treatments, and wellness programs!

Tom C. | Celina, TX

I have been seeing Dr. Farahani since the mid 90s for back problems and have always found her work to be helpful. I have tried different things to cure my back problems but have always returned to her because nothing else seems to work for me. I would have no problem recommending her services to anyone.

David C. | Celina, TX

I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Farahani for the many years that I have gone to Celina Family Chiropractic.  Dr. Farahani is able to help my life-long chronic back problem.  I work a part-time job getting in and out of a car delivering medical supplies which puts a strain on my back.  The adjustments keep my back and neck aligned, and for that I am grateful.  I also appreciate the longer hours in the evenings and on weekends for busy schedules.  Thanks so much!

Teresa S. | Celina, TX

Dr. Farahani has been my chiropractor for nearly 16 years! She is a great chiropractor that has gone above and beyond for me from coming in on a Sunday barely bale to walk and leaving 10 times better. She has also treated my children during their rodeo careers enabling them to ride the next week after being injured. She diagnosed my son with bone spurrs at the age of 11 and recommended us to an orthopedic doctor. She treated my daughter after a car accident and now helps me deal with my RA. I now drive 45 minutes to have her treat me because I trust and love her like family!

Emily | Celina, TX

Dr. Farahani has been a great help to me over the years. She is a compassionate doctor and is extremely knowledgeable. In addition to the very effective chiropractic therapies that she has provided to me, Dr. Farahani has been helpful in sharing nutritional advice and instruction on how to safely exercise without risking injury.

Rose Marie T. | Celina, TX

Based on my personal experience, Dr. Farhani is a genuinely caring person and a good chiropractor. Her approach to patient care is comprehensive, utilizing different modalities to help in her assessment and treatment.

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About Celina Chiropractic Care

While Dr. Farahani was practicing in Dallas, she decided to start her own practice in Celina's town square in 1997 in order to offer optimal chiropractic care to this community.

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